.5ml DMT Vape Kit 400mg PREMIUM (Cartridge + Battery) Vice City Labs


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The DMT Vape Kit 400mg Cartridge is delighted to provide our one-of-a-kind Premium DMT vape pen, designed for experienced psychonauts. Everyone in Canada can purchase our DMT vape, which is made up of 99.9% DMT extract, PG, and natural terpenes. We utilize refills with a 510 thread that are compatible with most batteries. Each cartridge contains 400 milligrams of DMT extract.

Tips on Using a DMT Vape:

Step 1: Remove the vape cartridge’s blue end and bottom caps.

Step 2: Connect the vape capsule and the battery.

When you swiftly click the button five times, the vape battery will turn on.

Step 4: By default, the vape battery is set to medium heat, which is our recommended setting.

To alter the temperature, press the button three times fast. The new temperature on the battery will be indicated by a color change, and the temperature setting will be displayed by an LED.

Step 5: Hold down the button for two seconds before starting to vape. Hold your hit for 5-10 seconds. Repeat according to how severe you want the journey to be.

If you’ve never used DMT  Vape pen before, start with a low dose to get acclimated to the sensation before progressing to higher levels.

The advantages often begin 30 seconds after consuming it, peak between 1 and 15 minutes, and last up to 30 minutes. The effects of the DMT Vape Kit 400mg Cartridge occur quickly and may make it difficult to move or control your body. At greater doses, users may see bright colors, changing environments, repeating patterns, or even “environmental orbism.” People commonly refer to the experience as a “perspective shift” since it affects the body, mind, and the way we think.

For the optimum results, hold your vape hit (inhale) for 10 to 15 seconds before exhaling.

How to Perform a Microdose: 1-2 Light Pulls: Provides a light, easy-to-control head high.

Beginner trip: Two to three powerful pulls result in mild hallucinations.

Prepare for a full psychedelic high and blast-off with Spiritual Trip 5+ Strong Pulls.

Always remember to adhere to all community regulations and laws regarding these substances. They may provide hazards and negative effects, and their usage is illegal in many parts of the world. Always prioritize your health and safety first.


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