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Deadhead Chemist 4-AcO-DMT Microdosing Routine

Microdose DMT Deadhead Chemist. Note: The purpose of this manual is to help you use this medicine safely and legally. Since most of the globe forbids its usage, we do not support its use there. We provide a detailed instruction booklet to ensure the security of every user for those who decide to take this drug.

What Exactly Is 4-ACO-DMT?

Among the naturally occurring psychoactive substances in many plants and animals is DMT, also known in science as N,N-Dimethyltryptamine. This molecule is present in the human brain, so we have been exposed to it to some extent before. It is used by certain civilizations for ritualistic purposes to alter awareness and mood. Amazonians often consume DMT in ayahuasca for a mind-altering experience.
The same individual who discovered LSD, Mr. Albert Hofmann, also invented DMT with Franz Troxler.
They discovered DMT thanks to Sandoz Limited, who had the honor of patenting the drug in 1963. There are several ways to ingest DMT, and many people ingest it while it is still in its crystalline form. Some people prefer to smoke it with a pipe or bong or even inject it.
Smoking or injecting it creates a very potent but short trip and is believed to be one of the most powerful hallucinogenic experiences one can have. Of the many “gray market” research chemicals, 4-AcO-DMT is probably among the safest. Microdose DMT Deadhead Chemist is a synthetic psychedelic tryptamine with close structural similarities to the “magic mushroom” molecules psilocybin and psilocin.

Benefits of Consuming DMT Microdose 4-ACO-Microdosing/4-Acetoxy-N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (Psilacetin Or 4-AcO-DMT)

This creates a feeling of peace and relaxation in the mind and body.
This increases the feeling of positivity in our mood.
It gives us a stronger sense of empathy and community.
This gives us the strength to concentrate and also ensures that the mind is free from any negativity.
It enhances colors and intensifies physical perception.
It gives us energy and keeps us going.
With a microdose of DMT, users will experience increased focus, decreased anxiety, or easier access to flow states.

How To Microdose With 4-ACO-DMT

4-ACO-DMT is usually sold in a crystallized or powdered form so it can easily be ingested through orally as well as through many other different measures. But the most preferred and simplest way to take the substance is orally, even though it doesn’t have the best taste.

When measuring the dose you want to consume, you should remember that adding or removing a few milligrams of the substance can completely change your experience. According to scientific analyzes and reports, the best and most effective microdose volume to take should be between 0.5 mg and 5 mg. While you should stick to lighter volumes if you’re just starting to take DMT, a dose of up to 5 mg can be very difficult for some people to manage. As a beginner, you can start with 1 mg and then apply what you have experienced to subsequent measurements. However, since most available scales are not perfectly accurate at measuring such small amounts, you should use the volumetric microdosing method to be sure of the amount you are consuming.

Volumetric Microdosing Of 4-ACO-DMT

A great way to keep your microdoses consistent and reliable is to dissolve a specific amount in a liquid solution and remove each portion little by little. For example, if you dissolve 25 mg of 4-ACO-DMT in 25 ml of alcohol, each milliliter of solution will contain 1 standard g of the substance and this dose can then be increased or decreased depending on the desired concentration. and could be ingested orally using a small blunt syringe. To properly prepare a 4-ACO-DMT solution for microdosing you will need:

  1. First weigh out 25mg of 4-ACO-DMT on a precise milligram scale.
  2. Add this substance to a sterile amber glass containing 25ml of ethanol or ethyl alcohol.
  3. Seal the bottle and shake it.
  4. Leave it to stand overnight and after store it in a freezer.

This solution could last up to two years if you store it in ethanol at -4°F. You can use purified water to make the solution, although it will break down more quickly, especially when you put it in and out of the freezer. However, regardless of the solvent used, the substance will last longer if kept dry. For this reason, it is best to prepare solutions in small batches and follow the microdose schedule.

What Does 4-AcO-DMT Do?

The experience resulting from consuming 4-AcO-DMT is generally described as a milder version of psilocybin. The substance is well known for its strong visual effects on the user when taken in high doses, and for its weaker but still relatively strong effects when taken in moderate doses. People who have taken DMT have said that things around them seem to breathe and ripple, and that they seem to be more intense and predictable than mushrooms. The journey resulting from consuming Microdose DMT Deadhead Chemist can last anywhere from two to eight hours, and it mainly depends on the amount of dose consumed and the medium through which it was consumed. When you ingest it orally, you typically feel the greatest effects within 45 minutes of consumption, with the peak lasting for about 2 hours or more, and the decline lasting for over an hour after that.

Expect to feel joy, laughing, a creative burst, and improved perception along the way. Additionally possible symptoms include hallucinations of both sight and sound, heightened sensitivity and awareness, lightheadedness, perspiration or shivering, paranoia, and anxiety. Sometimes extreme travel results in a distortion of reality that transcends simple hallucinations. People’s opinions of the world and their surrounds might change dramatically, occasionally to the point where they perceive spirits and even go through ego death. Sometimes the drug used in high dosages causes brief amnesia. An overview of the physiological consequences of 4-AcO-DMT on an individual may be found here:

  1. Changes in physical sensitivity: At the height of your journey, you could feel warm and very aware of everything around you. This feeling might come as stress or as tranquility. Still, you will change in attitude.
  2. Sedation: The consumption of 4-AcO-DMT is known to create a quite relaxing and sort of sedative feel and it could sometimes be translated as tiredness, as you may experience yawning as well.
  3. Random sensations in the body: When you are on a trip with 4-AcO-DMT, you tend to experience a warm and tingling sensation deep inside you. This sensation starts moderately but rises till when you get to the peak of the trip and then it becomes pronounced as it hits its limit.Once this emotion peaks, you will have a great sense of calm and excitement mixed together.
  4. A heightened sense of smell, watery eyes, pupil dilatation, muscle relaxation, and other bodily effects are also possible.

Psychological Effects

Apart from its physiological impacts, four-AcO-DMT influences a person’s mental and cognitive capacities. The medicine produces such symptoms as

  1. Intensification of emotions: The emotional effect that 4-AcO-DMT has on an individual is more than what is seen when other psychedelics like LSD are consumed. The consumption of 4-AcO-DMT can lead to one experiences strong feelings and emotions such as compassion as well as feeling sudden surges of emotion rise through the body. This substance seems to open up the emotional floodgates of an individual and bring everything out. However, due to research they are not nearly as emotionally enhancing as psilocybin mushrooms.
  2. Increased awareness: The consumption of Microdose DMT Deadhead Chemist could also lead to an increase in the speed of one’s cognitive process, allowing the individual to analyze and understand situations much quicker than usual.
  3. Feeling of death and destruction: This feeling is usually explained as a feeling of impending doom and it is usually experienced during the first couple of minutes in a trip (the come up phase) and it usually fades away as the more major effects come into play. This effect is sometimes felt at the peak of the trip but it is usually overpowered by the more energetic and positive feelings. It is very important to keep a positive mind when using this substance majorly due to this feeling which could lead to several bad thoughts.
  4. Rejuvenation: You could also experience a feeling of rejuvenation within your body as the energy seems to flow with more vigor and velocity. This effect could occur at any point in the trip and it usually follows a phase of the trip that is relatively difficult.
  5. Speech restriction: This effect has been described as the inability to clearly express one’s thoughts and emotions even though these are being well formulated within one’s mind and it is very common among first-timers and consumers who are not very experienced in using psychedelics.
  6. Coinciding emotions: When using Microdose DMT Deadhead Chemist. One could experience feelings of happiness at the same time as feeling sad or angry. A person could feel well energized and invigorated and at the same time feel sedated and tranquil.
  7. You could also experience feelings of enhancement of creativity, fits of laughter, amnesia, enhancement of music and colours, and ego death.


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