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.5ml DMT Vape Vice City is excited to show off our new Premium DMT vape pen, which is great for experienced psychonauts. Everyone in Canada can buy our DMT vape, which is made up of just 99.9% DMT Pen, PG, and natural terpenes. We use refills with a 510 thread that work with most batteries. There is 400 mg of DMT extract in each cartridge.

Tips on How to Use a DMT Vape:

Step 1: Take off the vape cartridge’s blue end cap and bottom cap.

Step 2: Connect the vape capsule to the battery.

As you quickly press the button five times, the vape battery will turn on.

Step 4: The vape battery is set to medium heat by default, which is the setting we recommend.

Press the button three times quickly to change the temperature. The new temperature on the battery will be shown by the change in color, and the temperature setting will be shown by an LED.

Step 5: Hold down the button for two seconds, and then start vaping. Hold your hit for five to ten seconds. Repeat based on how intense you want the trip to be.

If you’ve never used DMT before, you should start with a smaller dose to get used to the feeling before moving on to greater experiences.

The benefits usually start to show 30 seconds after taking it, reach their peak between 1 and 15 minutes, and last for up to 30 minutes. The effects of .5ml DMT Vape Vice City happen quickly and may make it hard to move or control your body. At higher amounts, users may see bright colors, environments that change, patterns that repeat, or even “environmental orbism.” People often call the experience a “perspective shift” because it has effects on the body, the mind, and the way we think.

Hold your vape hit (inhale) for at least 10 to 15 seconds before exhaling for the best result.

How to Do a Microdose 1-2 Light Pulls: Gives you a light, easy-to-control head high.

Beginner Trip: Two to three strong pulls cause mild hallucinations.

For Spiritual Trip 5+ Strong Pulls, get ready for a full psychedelic high and a blast-off.

Always remember to follow all neighborhood rules and laws about these substances. They might have risks and side effects, and it’s against the law to use them in many places around the world. Always put your health and safety first.


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