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Iced Tea Drink Mix by Room 920 is great for those looking for a measured dose of psilocybin with a refreshing drink. Enjoy an iced tea on a warm summer day while you adventure through nature while experiencing a reliable trip. The onset of consuming Shroom Edibles is typically much faster than with edibles. Some say nothing beats iced tea for refreshing comfort. The comfort factor makes this tea a natural for measured-dose of psilocybin. Great for a reliable trip and euphoric properties.

Each packet contains 1 gram of Amazonian Cubensis Mushrooms. Pour contents into a cup, add water and stir. There’s nothing better than enjoying a refreshing cup of iced tea to cool you off on a warm summer day. But what if we added a precisely measured dose of psilocybin into the mix? This Iced Tea from Room 920 is an amazing way to experience the amazing effects and valuable benefits of magic mushrooms. Each pack of loose-leaf tea contains premium-quality magic mushroom extract as well as a comforting iced tea drink mix. This magic mushroom tea is great-tasting and super easy to use. Just steep your tea in a cup of cold water for 3-5 minutes, then you’re ready to go!

  • Ingredients: Sugar, Citric Acid, Tea Solids, Tri-Calcium Phosphate, Natural and Artificial Flavours. Active ingredient Amazonian Cubensis Extract

Mushroom Edibles Room 920 Iced Tea Infused Psilocybin Review

Each bag of Room 920 Iced Tea holds a single serving that contains 1000mg of Amazonian Cubensis mushroom extract. Room 920 specifically chose this popular magic mushroom strain for its euphoric effects and reliable trip. Consuming magic mushrooms in the form of tea can cause effects to kick in relatively quickly. You’ll also experience a more intense trip than if you were to consume dry magic mushrooms. The effects of this include feelings of euphoria, enhanced creativity, and deep introspection. You may also experience visual, auditory, and even tactile hallucinations. Magic mushroom tea can improve your self-awareness and help you tackle emotional and mental challenges. Medically, this tea can also provide relief from symptoms of depression, anxiety, and other psychological ailments. We aren’t kidding when we say this tea is nothing short of magical!

Room 920 aims to create some of the purest, safest, and highest quality magic mushrooms products on the market. All Room 920 products contain extract from premium organic mushrooms sourced from experienced and trustworthy cultivators. In addition, every product goes through a strict quality control and testing process to maintain consistent dosing and potency. Explore our copious collection of of Room 920 Hot Chocolate and Golden Halo Magic Mushrooms.


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