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Room 920 Hot Chocolate is infused with psilocybin and is perfect for cool evenings or nighttime use. Use with milk, dairies or fats to bind with the psilocybin and activate it to its fullest potential. The fats from the dairy milk binds with the psilocybin to activate its full potential. The onset of consuming Shroom Edibles is typically much faster than with edibles. Dont forgot to add some marshmallows on top to create the perfect treat! Each Hot Chocolate Drink Mix contains 1 Gram of Amazonian Cubensis Extract.

  • Ingredients: Powdered Milk, Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Salt. Active Ingredient Amazonian Cubensis Extract

Our chocolates are the easiest and tastiest way to enjoy psilocybin mushrooms, with dosing that can be customized to any experience level. Amazonian Cubensis mushrooms are the most popular strain out there, for their reliable trip and euphoric properties. When a magic mushroom experience accompanies the taste of hot chocolate, you know you’re in for a sweet ride. Mushroom Hot Chocolate makes micro-dosing easy and delicious.

Mushroom Edibles Room 920 Hot Chocolate Infused Psilocybin Review

You’ll find lots of comfort in this cup of hot chocolate. When a magic mushroom experience accompanies the taste of hot chocolate, you know you’re in for a sweet ride. I’ve got 1g of Amazonian Cubensis mushrooms in me, so tread lightly. I’m known to be potent, savage, and wild — so you might want to put your adventure hat on. They say that drinking mushrooms causes less nausea than eating them raw, so I’m a good alternative for the sensitive tummies. I’m the perfect addition to a snowed-in day, so keep me in your goodies draw for good measure and good fun. Browse through our extensive assortment of Polkadot Mushroom Belgian Chocolate Bar and Psilocybe cubensis.


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