NN DMT Vice City Labs (Cartridge) 1ml – 800mg DMT


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NN DMT Vice City Labs, It brings Vice City Labs great pleasure to introduce our unique DMT vape pen, perfect for seasoned psychonauts. Sold in Canada, our DMT vape contains PG, natural terpenes, and 99.9% DMT extract. We use 510-thread, most battery compatible cartridges. DMT extract weighs 800 milligrammes in each cartridge.

Use Instructions for DMT Vape

Step 1: Take the bottom cap and the blue end tip off of the vape cartridge.

Step 2: Screw your battery onto the vape cartridge.

Step 3: Turn on the vape battery (fast press the button five times to do so).

Step 4: Our advised setting of medium heat is the default for the vape battery.

Press the button three times fast to modify the vaping temperature. When the battery’s temperature changes, an LED will show the new setting.

Step 5: Start vaping after depressing the button for two seconds. Hold onto your blow for five to ten seconds. Repeat according to the level of the trip you want to have.

DMT Usage Guide

First-time users of DMT should begin with a lower dose to become used to the feeling before venturing into more intense ones.

Usually starting to show effects 30 seconds after consumption, they peak between 1 and 15 minutes later and can last up to 30 minutes. Quick effects of DMT include a lack of bodily control and coordination. Bright colors, changing settings, recursive patterns, and at larger dosages, “environmental orbism” may be perceived by users. Many times, people characterize the event as a “perspective shift” with effects on the body, mind, and spirit.

For best results, hold your vape hit or inhale for ten to fifteen seconds before releasing.

Instructions for Microdoses One to two mild pulls produce a reasonable head high.

Beginner Trip: Two or three strong pulls: mild psychedelic effects.

Spiritual Journey 5+ Strong Pulls: Get ready for a blast-off and a full psychedelic high.

Recall always to follow all local laws and rules pertaining to these substances. They are forbidden to use in many regions of the world and may have adverse effects. Safety and health should always come first.


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