DMT Vape Vice City Labs Cartridge | .5ml – 400mg

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Vice City Labs DMT Vape is excited to reveal our exclusive DMT vape pen, perfect for experienced psychonauts. Our DMT vaporizer is available for purchase in Canada and is made with a simple blend of 99.9% DMT extract, PG, and natural terpenes. We use 510 thread cartridges that are compatible with most batteries. Each cartridge contains 400 mg of DMT extract.

Instructions for DMT Vape Cart Use

Step 1: Remove the blue tip and bottom cap from your vape cartridge

Step 2: Connect the vape cartridge to the battery

Step 3: Turn on the vape battery (quickly press the button five times to turn it on)

Step 4: The vape battery is automatically set to a medium temperature (our suggested setting)

Switch the vaping temperature by quickly pressing the button three times. The battery temperature will be shown by a color change and the temperature setting by an LED.

Step 5: Start using the vaporizer after giving the button two seconds of press. Following the hit, ten to fifteen seconds should go by. Repetition depends on how severe you want your journey.

Recommended Dosage

For those using DMT for the first time, we recommend starting with a lower dose to acclimate to the sensation before exploring deeper experiences. Remember to checkout this, you might also like Schwifty Labs NN DMT.

Usually beginning 30 seconds after taking, effects peak between 1 and 15 minutes after taking and can last for up to 30 minutes. DMT Vape Vice City Labs offers quick effects that can make coordination and physical control issues. Users may perceive bright colors, changing surrounds, recursive patterns, and with higher doses, “ambient orbism”. Many times, the occurrence is described as a “shift in perspective” that affects the body, mind, and spirit.

For maximum effect, hold the vaporize/inhale for at least 10-15 seconds before exhaling.

Microdose Instructions 1-2 Light Hits: Produces a mild, manageable cerebral effect.

Beginner’s Journey 2-3 Strong Hits: Induces mild hallucinogenic effects.

Spiritual Journey 5+ Strong Pushes: Get ready for a full hallucinogenic effect and take-off experience.

Always remember to follow all local laws and regulations regarding these substances. They carry potential risks and side effects, and in many parts of the world their use is illegal. Always put your safety and health first.


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