Schwifty Labs NN DMT Cartridge – 1mL

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-700mg N,N-DMT
-1ml ceramic cartridge
-510 threaded, fits any battery/pen

Schwifty Labs NN DMT 1ML PEN is the double capacity version of the original! Our 1ml pen contains 700mg of N,N-DMT and is capable of providing the absolute Blast off possible. No other product compares to Schwifty Labs DMT.

Combining Schwifty Labs DMT With Other Substances

Alcohol: Schwifty Labs NN DMT Cart combination is not a good choice when the substance is taken in medium or high doses. Since it could lead to several health problems such as nausea, fatigue and dehydration. However, when the substance is taken in small proportions, it does not have as bad effects and is considered quite safe. When alcohol is used along with the substance, it can sometimes dull the effect of DMT Vape and even play a similar role to benzodiazepines in reducing the hallucinogenic effect of the substance.

Benzodiazepines: Depending on the amount used, benzodiazepines can completely or partially reduce the effect of DMT on an individual’s thinking and perceiving qualities. They can be very effective when it comes to decreasing the potency of psychedelics on a person’s physical and cognitive attributes. Although this can lead to amnesia and obviously reduce the intensity of the substance. However, you should be careful when using benzodiazepines, because they are highly addictive and have a high risk of abuse.

Cannabis: Cannabis significantly increases the intensity felt in the cognitive and sensory parts of the body after consuming DMT. You should be careful about the amount of cannabis you consume with this substance, as it may significantly amplify some negative mental effects, especially if you don’t have much experience using psychedelics. Might want to take a look at 5-Meo DMT Deadhead Chemist.

MDMA: The effect of MDMA on a person’s ability to think and perceive is greatly amplified by the addition of DMT. The combination of these two appears to be quite dynamic. You should start with smaller doses of this substance along with DMT. Since the level of toxicity provided by this substance remains unknown.

Dissocatives: Dissociatives are known to increase feelings of euphoria, geometry, and dissociation, and the addition of DMT appears to simply amplify these effects. The combination of Schwifty Labs NN DMT Vape Pen and MDMA would lead to much clearer and more evocative hallucinations and images. It may also cause delirium, confusion, and nausea.


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