Puff Boyz Very Berry NN DMT .5ML(400MG) Cartridge

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The businessman’s Puff Boyz Very Berry NN DMT is now available in flavors that will enhance the DMT experience. NN DMT is a widespread hallucinogenic chemical present in many plants and animals. DMT is found in the human brain, so our bodies are accustomed to digesting it. The spirit molecules offer the customer a hallucinogenic experience. DMT is the primary element in ayahuasca, an ancient South American brewed tea known for its hallucinogenic and psychedelic effects.

How long do the effects of DMT Vape Pens last?

The benefits of consuming Puff Boyz Very Berry NN DMT in vape form include the ability to control the effects by varying the amount of pull. In general, one hit will last between 10 and 20 minutes, but you can pull very lightly or aggressively – the choice is yours; as we always say, begin slowly, progress gradually, and see how it affects you.

Three large inhalations will provide an intense experience for the average person, with a high lasting up to 40 minutes. Four hits is a large dose with a considerable impact.

How to Use the DMT Cartridge and Battery.

Once you have the vape, all you have to do is press the button to turn it on and take a few puffs at a time.

Find a relaxing location to enjoy the effects of DMT, preferably with a trusted companion.
Before using the pen, shake it thoroughly, as an unshaken cartridge may result in you vaping just solvent.
Click the button. To activate the vaporizer, press five times.
Hold down the button to draw on the vape.
Exhale when you’re ready.
Feel the effects!

-Healing and change
-Improvement in Anti-Depressant
-Enhancement in well-being
-Improve Depression and anxiety
-Spiritual growth
-See God
-Therapeutic Use
-Personal Growth

-Heavy confusion
-Alter one’s perception of the environment
-Elevate blood pressure and heart rate
-Lack of coordination
-Potential loss of Consciousness
-Feeling of separation between the mind/soul and the body.


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