Puff Boyz Cavendish NN DMT .5ML(400MG) Cartridge

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Puff Boyz Cavendish NN DMT is a widespread hallucinogenic compound found in both plants and mammals. DMT is found in the human brain, so our bodies are used to processing it. The spirit molecules give the customer a hallucinatory sensation. DMT is the principal ingredient in ayahuasca, an ancient South American brewed tea noted for its hallucinogenic and psychedelic properties.

Factors influencing how long DMT stays in the system.

The detection window for DMT varies greatly according to:

High doses of Puff Boyz Cavendish NN DMT take longer to eliminate.

People with fast metabolisms process medications more quickly.

DMT is mostly broken down in the kidneys, so people with reduced renal function will take longer to clear the medicine.

Genetics: Genetics influences the action of several enzymes, therefore some people metabolize DMT at a slower rate.

How you took it: Ayahuasca takes longer to take affect and stays in your body for longer.

Frequency of use: If you use DMT on a regular basis, detectable amounts will remain in your body longer.

Side consequences of DMT

DMT, like any other substance, can cause short- and long-term harmful consequences. Some of these might be hazardous.

DMT produces short-term effects.

While taking DMT vape cart and as it exits your system, you may experience:

Increased heart rate
Cardiac palpitations.
Dilated pupils
Lack of coordination.
Symptoms may include agitation and seizures.

DMT has long-term effects.

DMT has not been extensively studied, thus its long-term effects are unknown.
Flashbacks have been identified as a prevalent negative consequence. These can be unpleasant and appear days, weeks, or months after taking DMT.

There have been no reports of toxicity related to long-term DMT use. However, there is concern about the effects on heart health because it raises blood pressure.


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