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Buy some Bluey Vuitton mushrooms. One variety of Psilocybe cubensis, well-known for its potent effects and distinctive hue, is bluey blue one. Gorgeous namesake stems and heads are soft to brilliant azure blue. Mushrooms are attracting more and more aficionados and psychonauts equally. Eating Bluey Vuitton mushrooms can provide incredibly powerful psychedelic experiences since psilocybin levels fluctuate. Typical profound spiritual or mystical experiences; the drug binds to brain serotonin receptors, improving perception and cognition.

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Bluey Vitton started off as “Silly Cybin,” a traveler he met in Santa Cruz who handed him a foil spore print of a fungus he had found in Panama. Grown it yielded wonderful mushrooms. Finding the traveler in a falafel shop, “Silly” was able to obtain Melmac PE spores before the man disappeared. Though culture proved challenging, a decent batch resulted from the mixed spores. Famous among mycologists, Bluey Vitton is the result of crossing Panama and Melmac PE strains. Its medium- to large-gills, purplish brown spores, and certain minute characteristics that require magnification to be observed are particularly interesting. But in many countries—the US included—growing this strain is illegal. Check the local legislation, please, interested parties. The Genetic Vault contains retired psilocybe cubensis varieties and promotes uncommon strain hunting. Growing and observational tools are available at related websites such as and

Effects of Bluey Vuiton’s Magic Mushroom

Consumption of Bluey Vuitton elicits varied effects, from intense to extensive. Users report heightened sensory There are strong to broad impacts of Bluey Vuitton use. Along with emotional and cognitive changes, individuals report having more senses, seeing things distorted, and feeling more a part of the environment. Deep thought, more creativity, and excitement are also frequently noted. Respect and care are advised even though effects can differ according on dosage, attitude, and surroundings. First and foremost when eating mushrooms high in psilocybin should be safety and local regulations. I can impart knowledge, but I don’t condone or endorse the usage of illicit narcotics.

Bluey Vuitton Mushroom Spore Syringe

Psilocybin Circus offers the opportunity to purchase Bluey Vuitton mushroom spore syringes, boasting the widest variety of strains on the market. Keep Calm and Bluey Vuitton On with this recent and rare cross of cubensis strains Panama and Most Valuable Producer (MVP). Originating from the Central American country of the same name, the Psilocybe variety Panama was paired with Melmac Penis Envy and True Albino Teacher (TAT) cross, MVP. The strain earned its name from its rapid and potent colonization abilities, thick fruiting bodies, and pronounced waviness on the caps due to Melmac genetics. In comparison to the average cubensis mushroom, Melmac lineage may offer significantly higher potency.

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